[Infografía] Las ciudades con mayor cantidad de habitantes multimillonarios

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 Las ciudades del mundo con más cantidad de multimillonarios




Chart of the Week THE CITIES WITH THE MOST ULTRA-RICH RESIDENTS Mapping the projected growth in UHNWIs between 2018 and 2023 In the world of wealth, persons with over $30 million in net worth are referred to as Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIS). Below is Knight Frank’s annual tally of which global cities are home to the most UHNWIs, and what the forecast reveals in terms of future growth. HOW TO READ THIS MAP Circle Color: % Growth by 2023 Circle Size: Number of UHNWIS (2018) 559 STOCKHOLM 4,000 1,000 EDINBURGH 100 DUBLIN 444 HAMBURG 983 531 BERLIN 4,944 Madrid and Munich are the two fastest-growing cities in Europe, in terms of high net worth residents. (All circles are on the same scale.) LONDON 0-5% 6-10% 11-15% 16-20% 21-25% 26-30% 31-35% 36-40% ZURICH MUNICH PARIS 1,667 440 VIENNA 1.507 1.290 GENEVA London has the largest UHNWI population with 4,944, an increase of 582 over the last five years, the most of any city. 1.344 MILAN 253 1,015 ROME 613 MADRID 991 ISTANBUL 292 ATHENS 1,021 MOSCOW 293 VANCOUVER MONTREAL 582 1,328 TORONTO NEW YORK 3,378 SEOUL BEIJING 1,673 LOS ANGELES 1.075 1.594 3,732 TOKYO 253 MIAMI 160 TEL AVIV 585 CAIRO MANAMA 2″ DELHI SHANGHAI 1.263 394 RIYADH 622 192 ABU DHABI GUANGZHOU 1.519 TAIPEI 440 797 MUMBAI DUBAI SHENZHEN MANILA MEXICO CITY 1.256 527 By 2023, Africa as a whole will see its UHNWI population grow by 31% The biggest growth in UHNWIS over the next five years will come from Asian countries. 115 Mexico City has the strongest growth forecast in North America. KUALA LUMPUR 375 3,378 SINGAPORE ONAIROBI Mumbai tops the list with a forecasted growth of 38%. 339 1.352 SÃO PAULO JOHANNESBURG 318 PERTH CAPE TOWN AUCKLAND 281BUENOS AIRES SYDNEY 675 MELBOURNE 519 669 South African cities remain the largest wealth hubs on the continent, but other cities, such as Cairo and Nairobi, are seeing an increase in wealthy residents. SOURCE:Knight Frank – The Wealth Report 2019 visualcapitalist.com

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